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Headlines that are really long single "words" can overflow

Hopefully this isn't Working As Intended.

Overflowing headers result in a scrollbar, not for the content or the header, but the entire post's container:

example reproduction post. entire post including toolbars shifted off the side by scrollbars

this also affects the preview while editing the post:


(Firefox 119, Windows 10)

to reproduce: create a post (or draft) with a really long headline containing no spaces or anything that your browser considers a "word separator."

post used for screenshots in this report

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This still happens, but with 18+ posts the rest of the title is simply fed to the Posting Void (on mobile, at least) [link to draft]( Pixel 7, Android 14 (UP1A.231005.007), Chrome 119.0.6045.163, viewport is 358px × 680px (device pixel ratio of 3)
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