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Some bugs with notifications

 I use cohost on Firefox on my laptop.

I know that there is a notifications tab in the menu, but I had never clicked it because there was no dot showing me that new notifications were available to view. I clicked it today out of curiosity and saw that I in fact I did have several new notifications- people following me, commenting on my posts, and replying to comments I'd made. Due to the mission of cohost, I wouldn't be extremely surprised if not showing a 'notification for notifications' was intentional, but it seems from looking through this forum that for most people a dot of some kind shows up.

Also, I just went back to the notifications page to make sure I was reporting the bug correctly, and now all my notifications are doubled. Like in the picture I attatched. Not sure how that happened.

I would be happy to provide more information

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Update: I just got a notification and saw the notification dot (ellipse?). I also noticed that the notification doubling bug still happens when clicking the 'load more' button

i've also experienced the notifications duplicating, i know why it happened. i spam clicked on the "load more" button, and the single follow notification from my friend duplicated itself 


if i only click it once or twice it works fine, but if i click quickly it loads the same thing over and over again.
I am using Firefox 119.0.1 (64-bit) on a Windows 10 PC
no idea why it does this but it amuses me greatly.

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I'm still seeing the lack of notification bubble intermittedtly, at least with replies to my comments on others' posts. If it's relevant, I'm running Firefox 115.8.0esr on Debian Testing.

Yeah, I'm gonna pitch in too. The notification tab doesn't always seem to tell me when I have a notification, and there doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern as to what increments the counter and what doesn't, so it doesn't feel intentional.

I however came here to note how spamming the "Load More" button when I'm at the bottom of my feed causes my notifications to duplicate.

I'm using Windows 11, and Firefox (Version 123.0 (64-bit)).

I'm also having issues with using Firefox and not seeing any notification bubble to tell me I have notifications.   Using firefox 123.0 (64-bit) and windows 11

im having this issue as well

firefox 123.0 (64-bit) and windows 11

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