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Show 18+ posts button only works on first page

* The show18PlusPosts=false property doesn't persist when you change page. So if you're in a tag feed and move to the second page of it, it resets to showing (or not showing, depending on your user settings) 18+ posts.

* If you click the show 18+ posts button on anything past the first page of a feed, it resets back to the first page. i.e. If you're on

and click it, you'll be taken to

instead of

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Just realized I'm getting the same behavior! Frustrating when trying to browse tags and filter out the 18+ content for my sfw pages. I generally browse from my nsfw page so I have the account setting to show 18+ posts in searches by default. In theory I could change that to browse without the 18+ posts then turn it back on, but that's a huge pain in the butt ):
Same thing happening to me, using a Samsung A33 5G, One UI version 5.1, Android 13, using Chrome 119.0.6045.66 with that "install this webpage" feature or something like that

If I toggle the setting and go to the next page, the setting gets reset to its default. If I toggle the setting while on the second page, it takes me back to the first page.

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Same here, using Safari on iPhone 11, iOS version 17.1.2.
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