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Unusual duplication behavior for pages with zero posts on the "Following" view

I managed to discover this after pinning a couple pages to my following view that hadn't made any posts yet, anticipating that they will at some point in the future and I don't wanna miss that (plus they make for a good visual divider between my pinned pages and not-pinned pages).

For the sake of brevity, I'll be calling these pages-without-posts "empty pages".

  • If two empty pages are adjacent to each other in the following view and one of them is behind the "load more" click-through, a duplicate of the first empty page replaces the empty page underneath it after loading more:


*clicks load more*


It duplicated! Clicking on either of them highlights both. I managed to get it to display correctly after multiple refreshes; this is what it should've displayed:


  • I also had an instance where I pinned another page (this one actually had posts), and a duplicate of the pinned empty page appeared at the top of the list alongside the page I just pinned, I was unable to click and highlight this duplicate. I haven't been able to replicate this specific incident yet, but I have a screenshot:


I've experienced this from empty pages that I've pinned, but haven't checked to see if it happens to unpinned pages too. This probably would only be noticed by those with over 20 pinned pages (the amount that is loaded at a time before presenting a button to load more).

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