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18+ post visibility toggle

As it functions now, hiding posts tagged 18+ only puts them behind a clickthrough as opposed to never showing them in the first place, which clutters up the feed of users who are not interested in seeing those posts in any capacity. Tag filtering is appreciated, but it is not particularly useful as a means to this end. At time of post, the popular tag #halloween is about 50% porn (or more), which at least for me discourages interaction with it, and adding every single 18+-descriptive tag other users have employed to my tag filter would take hours. I would like to see a toggle that completely hides 18+ posts so this site could feel a little less overwhelmingly porny for those users who would prefer such an experience. In a discussion with another user, they proposed a toggle that hides everything but posts tagged 18+, which I also think is a good idea.

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i totally agree! i actually have a post from about a year ago suggesting this here: if anyone would wanna show support there as well :)

Yes, I saw the suggestion about tag-specific silencing. I posted my own suggestion because I would like to see the option for blanket silencing of all 18+ posts, not just on a per-tag basis. Silencing per tag would improve interaction with specific tags for some users, but it would do nothing for making following other users or scrolling through their profiles more tolerable. Cohost is the horniest social media website I have ever used, and I would just like to see the percentage of unasked for porn loaded into my browser decrease across the board.

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