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SWF (Flash) file support

Cohost should allow users to upload Flash files, like Image and Music files.

These files can be pretty small, equal to existing file formats. This would also allow Cohost to host audiovideo without supporting heavier file formats like MP4. MP4 is fine ofc, I'm just saying.

These files would allow posters to make weirder posts. If part of this site's identity is being silly and CSS crimes, I think Flash crimes fit right in. Flash is a largely dead format I admit, but for what life its got left in it, it's worth supporting.

I don't know how many other people would use Flash files, or how useful it would be. I'd shitpost with it a bit, I suppose. I hope this topic is in-part an interest check as well. If nobody else likes Flash its ok, totally get it.

I'm also asking for a Flash emulator, like Ruffle or another, to be included. I have a browser extension for Ruffle on my desktop PC, but it would improve compatibility for mobile to have a flash emulator site-side.




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