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Clarify difference between Cohost support account and Cohost account on login and registration pages

Attempting to use Cohost support for the first time (as I am now) after creating a Cohost account is confusing, because nothing indicates that these operate using separate login systems. It is not stated anywhere on the login page that a Cohost support account is different from a regular Cohost account, and attempting to sign in with regular Cohost credentials only suggests that you have forgotten or mistyped your password (or that Cohost is simply broken).

It would be very helpful to clarify this on the support portal, especially as to a layperson it is not obvious why these would need to be separate.


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honestly, it is incredibly irritating that these 2 sites require completely separate accounts to begin with. this adds a pretty sizeable speed bump in participating in the suggestions forum or reporting bugs. it's easily enough to make people lose interest in doing either these things, which is likely why the most we've seen people vote on a single idea in the "popular" tab is about ~150 or so.

i really hope the devs consider implementing OAuth2 so we can just use our regular cohost account to login here.

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