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RSS Feed Documentation

I've seen a few people mention that they would like to have RSS feeds for Cohost, because there's currently no real way to find out that they already exist. As far as I can tell, nothing in-depth has been written about them aside from @jkap's announcement, which isn't easy to find. If there was an article in the knowledge base that I could point people to, that would be very helpful.

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Bringing this back, since Jae's announcement post is going around. As things stand it's pretty much impossible to discover that Cohost has RSS feeds, never mind find out how to access them.

I'm 90% certain that's due to my repost, heh.

And yeah, it's definitely a hidden feature at this point. 

Just for reference, there's two feed urls that I know of:

There's no XML feed afaik. 

More info, from the comments of jkap's post:

locked pages 401, we may allow opt-out at some point but it’s not an option rn

> internally, we treat the RSS feed as a logged-out user. if you have the profile setting to hide posts from logged-out users enabled (hit the gear icon on your profile), it's essentially disabling the RSS feed as well.

Just adding a RSS button to a user's page (optionally with a setting) would already help a lot. 

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