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edited tags not recognized by Pinned feature

hi there, I’m new to cohost! I’m loving it so far but a bug(?) has been getting in the way. it’s related to the Pinned Tags feature, and I’ve noticed it won’t recognize tags that have been added to a post later through editing and will only recognize tags that were added when the post was initially made. I thought I could bypass this by just added the tag to a new post, adding the tag into the pinned tags since now it will recognize it, then deleting the tage off the new post, but when I tried to add tags later, it removed the tag. while not a huge issue, I would like my first post to be my “Pinned” post but I learned about pinned tags after the fact so I added the ‘pinned’ tag through editing, thus the pinned feature not recognizing it as pin-able. I hope this makes sense! -Yendy.
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edit: cohost’s got it out for me, now it doesn’t wanna recognize tags I type into the bar, edited or not lol.

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