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Choose who sees my shares/posts on my timeline

 It would be nice feature to have at some point in time, sometimes you want to vent about personal stuff and have just your friends know what's going on. I think it would also help in combination with the requests with hiding other people's shares, if share heavy accounts could organize their posting it may be less of a spam-heavy experience.

For examples I know Facebook does this, and some instances of Mastodon [Pics included of each of the UIs]


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While I agree that the way that mastodon and facebook do post audience "levels" are quite good and I think this is a good idea, for now I'd like to offer the practical advice of making extra, private blogs for venting so you can curate who can see posts from them. I believe that private blogs' posts can't be seen by anyone who isn't following them, even when shared (if they can be shared at all?) Hopefully that'll help you get around the current limitations until this feature could be implemented.

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Yeah! It isn't so much of an immediate issue really, more of an example. Just something I thought I'd throw into the pool of requests for the future :)

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