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new posts don't show up on the latest posts tab

saw this being mentioned by someone i follow on Twitter and i tested it out and, yep, they're right. i posted a post on one of my alts, and it shows up on my alt, but not on the latest posts tab.

(82.1 KB)
(59.4 KB)

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Same here! I can't see my own posted stuff on the timeline.

Same for me and a at least a few other people. 1 2 3 4

The last post loading for me is around 723 beats, and I can see someone I follow posted around 726 beats.

concur, i was out on a 3-hour errand and only saw like 10 new posts which surprised me, and the newest ones were "1 hour ago,"

i have nothing being shown after 12:20 eastern time 

Also I don't seem to be getting notifications from after that time. Not just the bubble missing, they're not showing up at all.

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same here, the last loaded post on our timeline is at 6:22 pm utc+2

there also appear to be no notifications since around then either, which we cannot directly confirm is related but might be.

 I noticed this and then switched to another page to see if it was affected too and because I don't check the timeline on that page very often, I got a timeline rebuild timeout error.

Looks possibly coincident with

was just coming to the support site to report this exact issue. none of my posts, my shares, or others' posts or shares are showing up past approximately and hour and a half ago.

Seems fixed now for me.

ok the timeline is starting to update with new posts on our end, they're coming in slowly and in order of posting but they're coming in again!

Weirdly enough a post where I  reposted with a title does not show up on the timeline, I don't know if this is part of the same bug.  Other posts I have made still show up on the feed, so I don't know if this was just an unlucky timing on my part for when a bug fix was pushed.

The Post in question:image

Where it should appear in the timeline based on the time posted.


I guess I have the same problem but it started yesterday and not 19 days ago like everyone else.

All the posts between July 13, 2023 and Sep 19, 2023 are missing in the timeline for my page @notaninart. (utc+9 here)

It happens on both Windows and iPhone so probably device-independent. And it doesn't happen on my other page @notaninpause.

It didn't have this problem when I checked last friday.


Also this issue from last year could be related

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