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Japanese tag input is broken

I'm currently unable to type any tags in Japanese. I'm using Safari for macOS and iOS and Firefox for macOS, with the official Japanese IME tool. The issue appears to be that the per-character tag matching is preventing the IME from being able to combine two characters into a single character.

Steps to reproduce:

* Select the Japanese Romaji keyboard in macOS.

* Begin typing "nihongo" by typing "ni".

Expected behaviour:

The system is able to combine "n" and "i" into the hiragana character "に"

Actual behaviour:

Dependign on the browser, either the first letter is left as latin and the second becomes a hiragana "i", or the browser unpredictably produces strange series of hiragana. See the attached screenshots.

(32 KB)

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The iOS kana IME (日本語かな) is also broken. Trying to type 日本語 by typing に and then autocompleting results in tags like にに日本語. I think the doubled character is because typing に with this input method requires pressing the な button and then swiping left, so it could appear as some sort of repeat input. Latin tag input with autocomplete also seems broken, though in that case it just doesn’t fill in the autocomplete at all. I thought maybe the Japanese issue left the tag box in a broken state, but it seems to persist even after a force quit.

Looks like this is fixed now!

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