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ability to turn off discoverability for a tagged post


i tried to see if there was a duplicate for this and there doesn't seem to be.

i know i am not alone in sometimes not tagging things because i do not want the post to be discoverable. i tend to use the cw field to create a click through barrier because readmore's are often broken for me. this is not ideal.

It would be nice to be able to just choose to turn off discoverability for a post despite it having been tagged, for organizational purposes. as far as i can tell, this is not currently an option. i looked very hard but i have some trouble parsing some of cohost's ui so please let me know if i missed that.

for instance, if i want to write up something critical of a piece of media because my memory is bad and i tend to use the site as a log of things i have thought and felt recently, but not want to run the risk of ruining someone's day or inviting harassment my way if someone else disagrees with my take - it would be nice to be able to tag the post with the name of the media for personal organization and muffling reasons, but know that it's not going to show up in the feed when people are just looking for nice things.

i also generally do not want to be Discovered unless i have something i'd like to say more widely.

i dont know if this suggestion has broad appeal, but i think it could have a knock-on effect of potentially limiting subtweeting activity from ballooning into circle and tag dominating discussions.

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agreed. sometimes I also use the content warnings for this, but that isn't appropriate for all circumstances. e.g. using the content warning for food is something some people are uncomfortable with, and if there are more serious content warnings among media tags it gets harder for someone to read what's important for them
I love this idea. Something similar was requested prior, though it's specifically about making tags "local" to the userpage.
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