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Automatic Two-Way Cross-Posting via Support for Interoperability with Federated Social Media Platforms

     Cohost should add support for automatic two-way cross-posting with federated social media platforms through interoperability with them and the standard ActivityPub protocol.  Some examples of Fediverse platforms include:  

  • Mastodon
  • Lemmy
  • Tumblr* (ActivityPub support announced, but still pending)
  • WordPress (via plug-in)

(as appropriate, though platforms with different posting modalities could still have links to Cohost posts sent to them as desired.)  
     Users should be able to decide what posts and kinds of posts come in which direction from one or more peer platforms.  For example, a user might wish to cross-post blog posts between Cohost, Tumblr, and a source blog hosted on, say, WordPress in full, but only notify followers on Mastodon and Lemmy about them with links, perhaps with some automatic additional context.  

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