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Changing profile picture requires mic permissions

Hi, Just tried to change my profile picture on my phone (Firefox Nightly 118 on Android 13 on a Pixel 6a) and got asked for voice recording permissions. Denying them makes the dialog not work. Could this be changed to some kind of dialog that doesn't require mic permissions? Those should exist, I've recently used other forms on the same browser/OS that don't ask me for that permission with file upload. Thanks!

It's not clear to me why an audio input source would be necessary for a profile picture? I'm not sure how you're making these, but a standard input type="file" does not require mic permissions on this browser, and this is actually the first file upload dialog I have ever seen that asks me for mic permissions.

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This is, unfortunately, tough for us to fix. 

Firefox wants to show you the voice recorder as an upload source, and can't do that without microphone permissions.  Denying mic permissions for firefox as a whole will make many file selectors break, especially ones with audio input sources.

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