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Toggle to make new posts viewable to only accounts you follow

 Hi there. Just felt like dropping a suggestion that I feel would be nice to have correlating to being able to set posts that only people you follow can view.

My idea was that this would essentially allow a user who does not have their account set to private, only make posts that accounts they follow can see. This could be useful if one wishes to share more personal text posts or images that they wouldn't want everyone to see.

I know this could sound redundant to some in terms of "Well why don't you just make a private account?" where it could be useful for ex: An artist who wishes to share sketches in private, personal photos to only those one follows, etc.

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 Yes! Ah apologies was trying to find something related to that but I guess our wording was different, pretty much similar though in my mind

That's OK! Done that several times myself.

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