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Silenced user affects pagination in bookmarked tags

I discovered this when following the "fighting games" tag and silencing the "makeupfgplayer" user. Because of their latest post dump, many pages in my bookmarked tags view have only 1-2 posts, and some even have none, even when there are still pages of posts left! I imagine some queries/filters will need to be resturctured for this, no idea if that will be easy. No worries if it's hard, not urgent as the tag feed fills back up hopefully.

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I made a different topic after the same thing happened to me haha.

 I had the exact same experience with that user and tag and also came here to report this lol.

Actually very similar to a bug in twitters search they never seemed to fix, except there it was even worse because something about the endless scroll could also get messed up and just stop you from continuing past the emptiness...

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I also wantedto mention this issue. I don't think they should be banned or anything, but it's a pretty bad edge case that's messing with how I use the site


Agreed. I could easily see this issue coming up again with anyone migrating art or posts or whatever from another site. I don't think people should be disallowed from tagging things appropriately in that case, but it'd be nice if muting them during that time didn't wreck my bookmarked tag feed.

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