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Bookmarked tags feed empty after silencing a user

A meme account has posted a lot of meme posts in a tag I bookmarked, so I silenced them. But now my bookmarked tags feed is just saying "nothing here yet. go bookmark some tags!" as if nothing else had been posted in ANY tag i have bookmarked. I suspect it's because there was at least 2 pages worth of posts before getting to something that wasn't that account.

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 If I view all my bookmarked tags, I can eventually mash next page enough to see some other posts (though it might be like 1-2 per page). If I try to view the specific tag the account posted under, no matter how much I hit next page, it won't find any posts under that tag.

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 One can reproduce this by first silencing user @ditherpod and then searching for #astronomy

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