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an option for non-expanding post editor text box

one of my biggest problems with user interfaces is motion sickness. i don't mix well with animated UI and especially UI that floats around and changes size continuously as you use it, disrupting the eye's reference for the dimensions and position of the screen. 

vertically expanding text boxes are one thing, but for cohost's post editor textbox to also be horizontally expanding is kind of too much for me. i don't like that the box shifts around floatily when i'm writing a post longer than 10 words. 

since the floaty size-shifting behavior only happens when i'm writing fairly minuscule posts, it often doesn't bother me too much which is nice, but that kind of just makes me question more why the behavior exists.

anyway, it would be highly appreciated to have at least an option setting to keep the post editor fixed at the largest horizontal size.

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in the settings, you can toggle "go to a new page when sharing or writing a post?", since the separate post page doesn't do that (and it doesn't have the blurred background, which is what personally messes *me* up). The resizing box is pretty strange though, i'd also like to see it always be a fixed width no matter what mode you're in.

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