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Images break when something is _subsequently_ pasted

I previously posted this as a comment on someone else's issue that I thought might be related but now I think my thing is probably something different.

Basically what I'm seeing is that if I paste an image, then past _something else_, the previously posted thing gets broken. This applies to pasting multiple images, but also, interestingly, applies if I try to paste alt _text_ into the alt text box. 

Pasting into the post body does not seem to have this problem.

On windows firefox, reproduced with no extensions on.

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 I am also running into this; pasting back to back images destroys the first image and saving the post as draft seems to indicate that both images could not upload :\

I just ran into this just now I think. Trying to paste consecutive images replaces the first image with the subsequent one, so that now I just see two copies of the same image instead of both. Kinda makes posting multiples impossible. 

just ran into this, specifically on my side page, when pasting in two images. firefox 117, windows, 64-bit. i have greasemonkey extension installed but no scripts for cohost are present.

1. paste an image while the cursor's in the main post body

2. paste a different image, the first image disappears

3. write post, or don't, click "post now"

4. loader spins (seemingly) forever

5. check front page, see that the post has not posted

this problem doesn't happen when attaching image files using the paperclip. awu!

having the exact same issue. it used to not be like this weirdly enough, but as of a week ago or so I have been experiencing it as well. same thing as the comment above. tried in both firefox and chrome, same problem.

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