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Html/CSS page customization

We are able to make crazy posts with coding and stuff, I think it is just as cool to have crazy and cool-looking accounts like on tumblr and spacehey.

I miss being able to give my account a cool look and style.

I wanna be able to add a music player too.

I think it would be a huge benefit for the cohost and to those who are not a fan, there could be a button that disables custom themes.

I think it would also the benifit of monetary vaule as people can sell their co-host page themes for money too!

for those who are not experienced with coding, we should be able to at least change the colors of posts.

I think its a feature worth adding to cohost and I think it will make the site more unquie!

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If Cohost were to implement this + an import from Tumblr feature, I'd not only make this my main social media but sign up for Cohost Plus.

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I really want this to be a feature, I really hate how most profiles look the same

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There could even be one level of customization available to everyone, with another layer exclusive to Plus subscribers.

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I think it be cool if people can sell their themes like on tumblr cohost gets a cut too

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 I disagree with making customization layered (one layer exclusive to Plus subscribers) - the same customization should be allowed to everyone, in my opinion. Although, as long as those who don't subscribe to Plus can still use HTML and CSS completely freely, I suppose I wouldn't mind too much if stuff like Java was exclusive to Plus.

I definitely agree with this, and seeing if this was a suggestion to upvote it was a part of why I made this account at all. A huge part of the appeal with social media similar to Cohost is the higher level of customization afforded to users, but right now, you can't even customize the colors on your Cohost profile.

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I feel like even just implementing an option to change the colors of your profile would be a huge improvement in site customization. I know features-wise this shouldn’t be a priority, but it’d be really cool! Being able to express yourself through your profile is something that’s missing from a lot of websites these days.

Custom CSS for cohost profiles, tumblr-style, would be even more super awesome—provided there’s an option to toggle custom CSS off/navigate the page in a default theme, since sometimes people do make things pretty unreadable for the sake of Aesthetics. (Also, making sure that custom CSS doesn’t override usability for mobile users, if it doesn’t have a mobile view included.) 

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