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Popup Post Editor

 Hey hey!

I don't know if there's already a request for this but something that'd be really nice as a UX improvement would be a popup post editor instead of being taken to another page like how it is over on Tumblr.


Right now my current method for going through Cohost open the share button/text editor in a new tab, add anything if applicable and then actually share it.

If I forget to do that in a new tab I'm taken back to the newest post but basically I'd just want to pick up where I left off. I wouldn't mind it saving the index for which post I chose to share then after doing so, that post ends up being the top one and I can still keep scrolling from where I left off.

Also wouldn't mind maybe the share text editor page popping up in an iframe that closes after I push the share button, I'm not really picky about the implementation.


Cohost already does this? You just need to left click on the share/post buttons instead of trying to open them in a new tab.

what how did you do that omg. all of my devices' browsers take me from to[my account]/post/compose?shareOfPostId=[Post ID] then after sharing it takes me back to the top of whatever I was looking at.

I had to start opening in new tabs so I wouldn't lose my place. Are you on chrome/chromium? I use firefox.

ooooh there's a checkbox setting lol sorryy ignore me i'm new 'round these parts (つω⊂* )

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