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Under certain circumstances, i can't enter alt text

the new alt text editor is a huge improvement, thank you so much! I found a bug that confused me at first though.

  • create a new post
  • upload audio
  • swap to preview tab and back to edit tab (maybe unnecessary?)
  • upload an image, which puts it above the audio
  • editing the alt text for the image doesn't work now; anything you type is blank

what i think is happening is that i clicked on the alt text field for the first thing on the page, but it's editing the alt text for the first attachment in *upload* order instead of the first one in *display* order. Clicking "delete" on the audio also deletes the image post, possibly for related reasons.

7 people have this problem

I just had this problem - I uploaded an mp3 file, uploaded an image, and was completely unable to add alt text to the image. Posting it and going back in to edit it didn't clear this up. All text just fails to be entered into the alt text box, and nothing appears when hovering over the image. This happened on Firefox on desktop.

I found in the situation mentioned above, title and artist info entered into the audio attachment fields don't actually get posted, and instead the filename shows with no artist info.

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