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Simple oekaki-style inline drawing tool for chosts

 Miiverse is dead. Only we can resurrect it.

A built-in drawing tool for creating illustrated chosts (without needing to use an external drawing program) would be a huge boon for the artists and creatively-minded folks who make up most of Cohost's userbase, and set the site apart from any other social media platform (that has not been strangled in its crib by soulless corporate beancounters).

Not looking for anything super robust- in fact, prior attempts (like Miiverse/Swapnote) suggest that simpler is better. Limited color palettes, canvas sizes, only a handful of tools- nothing fancier than MS Paint (but hopefully with a better interface). The ideal would be something not too intimidating for non-artists to enjoy, but still robust enough for artists to do cool stuff with. A tool like this could make creative events like Art Fight feel more accessible and lower the bar for participation.

A feature like this could be easily segmented with premium features only available to Cohost Plus users - maybe the basic version only does greyscale, for example, or the premium version has layer support.

Timelapse playback and/or onionskin layers for basic Flipnote-style animations could be a future development, if you wanted to create an irresistible lure for Kekedoodle. Some kind of collaborative canvas would also be fun, but perhaps too ambitious for what we're asking.

Attached is a mockup drawing tool design that I made in MSPaint a while ago. I am not a graphic/web designer to you can almost certainly do better!

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It could also work to have a drawing tool like this as a Plus-exclusive feature.

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I made a support account just to :yeah: this

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I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking this would be a fun thing to have. even if it's just miiverse level of quality i'd love it. something like 600w x 400h would be bigger than i'd expect. i've no idea how difficult this would be to make but i'd love to have this feature and literally made an account to ask for this.

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