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multi-image uploads stalling on firefox ios

 one factor going in:

  • iphones let you pick from a few image sizes when uploading photos somewhere, and those options list a file size for each one, but you don't have fine control over the size of an image before uploading. you can at least tell before uploading when a photo is over a megabyte or over the cohost plus! 10mb limit

for the last several weeks, i've had frequent issues posting from my phone any posts to cohost with 4 images if any of them are over a megabyte in size. if it's just 1 image, it can be any size below the limit and it'll upload basically instantly, no problem; in fact, if i go to a post i've uploaded 1 image on and continually upload 1 more image to a total of 4, each individual upload happens basically instantly. if i upload 2 images and one of them is only around ~300kb and the other is less than just over a megabyte, it'll go through basically instantly.

in any other scenario, the post seemingly hangs with "uploading..." on all images. this morning i tried 3 images all sized between 280kb and 400kb and it wouldn't upload them. i've tried multiple times letting my phone stay awake for upwards of ten minutes to see if it's actually uploading everything and if it'll finish up at some point, but it never does. the amount of time i've tried giving it doesn't seem proportional to how quickly single images of 9mb-6mb can upload for me.

outside factors:

  • frustratingly, this could be an issue with firefox ios that's on mozilla's end and not cohost's, and firefox ios already has a suite of issues
  • could also be an ios in general issue somehow... but i really hope it isn't
  • very very unlikely to be a network or signal issue. this issue only cropped up somewhere between one and two months ago and we've been on the same network the whole time, we haven't changed plans, our data usage at home hasn't changed, and i've had this issue both at home and on cell service outside of the house where i didn't have it before on either

while attempting the 3-image upload mentioned above, i uploaded 3- and 4-image posts from my desktop with firefox where all images were between 4mb and 7mb, and both went through within 5 seconds of hitting post, which is more points against network issue and points in favor of firefox ios or ios itself.
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