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Inline Tumblr previews being cut off in Firefox

I've noticed for a while that inline Tumblr previews, the ones generated by just sharing a Tumblr link on a blank line, are often and semi-randomly cut off when viewed in Firefox (including v116) under Windows 10 or Mac OS Ventura. Sometimes it's obvious when this happens, but sometimes it isn't, so it ends up looking like a single post was shared instead of a thread.

Here's an example:


and here's what it looks like when it loads correctly in Firefox:


I haven't been able to replicate the problem using Edge, which is the only other browser on this desktop PC, or in Safari on a Mac or an iPad. It appears to be specific to Firefox. I was also running a Linux desktop (Debian) until recently and it happened in Firefox on that too.

This problem often occurs even with Enhanced Tracking Protection turned off in Firefox, without any extensions active, and in private tabs while not logged in. It occurs whether I'm looking at the post as part of a timeline, or alone on its own page. Sometimes reloading the pages fixes it, but more often it does not. We recently switched ISPs (cable to fiber) and the problem remained the same.

I don't know if this is a problem with Cohost proper or something going with iframely. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm hesitant to open a support ticket without confirmation that other people are seeing it to, in case there's something specific to

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 welp, cut myself off by accident there, and there's no edit option

in case there's something specific to my network or configuration.

This is also apparently happening with some Mastodon reposts as well:


This, however, happens in browsers other than Firefox as well.

Accidentally created a dupe bug report, but experiencing this too.

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