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Please allow us to register more than once

 Per section 5, subsection ii of the ToS (as of this posting):

> [You agree to] register only once and open only one account on the Services (under which you have the option create multiple pages for multiple usernames or sideblogs)

I totally get why you would do this for individual users. However, to the best of my understanding as someone who is not a lawyer but has read over the relevant sections of the ToS in regards to whom it applies and who "you" refers to in its text, it seems to me that the ToS does not allow for situations like the following:

  1. Users who want to have both personal and organizational pages that are not associated with the same registered account; e.g., a user who is a member of a union, volunteer org, mutual aid project, or even (ugh) a business which wants to have a presence on cohost, but said user is already registered with cohost,
  2. Users who, for privacy reasons, do not want to have some of their sideblogs associated with the same email address as their other blogs; e.g., someone who is in the closet and wants to access cohost under a completely separate login where they can be their authentic self in only incognito tabs so as to avoid snooping household members who monitor their social media activity, and who needs to have a normal account under a different email address to add to their plausible deniability.
  3. Users who do not want to even run the risk of accidentally posting something to the wrong blog, by separating them at the account level and either using different devices, different browsers, different container tabs, or just the classic log-out-of-the-first-account-and-log-in-as-the-other-account approach. This kind of overlaps with the first two cases, but would definitely apply to more people who don't fall into the first two cases; e.g., an adult content creator whose main blog is SFW.
I understand, of course, that these terms are meant to prevent ban evasion, among other bad behaviors. I think there is still probably some happy middle ground that could be used in the ToS (and in the technical implementation) that forbids all the bad behaviors you want to forbid, while still letting us register more than once. I assume you already have to try to detect ban evasion under the current ToS anyway; this would just make it so that people with legitimate use cases for registering multiple times would not be running afoul of your ToS.

I hope you'll consider this request!

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