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Private Analytics

I understand leaving follower counts off the public-facing profiles, and I'm fine with that. However for creators who are using Cohost as a platform for their business, it's incredibly helpful and important to be able to see how many people are following you, what your most engaged posts are, etc.

The follower count is the biggest one to me. Tumblr also doesn't have a public follower count, but it does have a private one on the user's dashboard. Right now the only way to know on Cohost is to manually count them, and that's really not realistic for more than a few dozen followers. I could just make a note of the last person on the list at the end of the count, and next time count the new people after that person next time, but that only works as long as nobody ever unfollows.

For the record, I'm also not advocating for neurotically tracking analytics - I check mine once a month just to see growth patterns.

Please let us track the basics on our dashboards!

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