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Can't type accented characters when adding tags

When I'm adding tags to a post, it's not possible to type accented characters like ó or ö. I'm using the "ABC – Extended" keyboard layout on macOS.

For example, try to add a tag containing the letter ó:

1. Press Alt+e to make the ´ accent.

2. Release both keys.

3. Press o to complete the letter.

This should produce the letter ó, but instead you get the sequence ´o.

The bug seems to affect any letter that requires two keystrokes. I get the same results with other combining characters (Alt+u o gives ¨o instead of ö), but Alt+o gives ø which is correct.

It's only a problem when typing in the tag field. I can add the tags by copying and pasting.

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I'm seeing a very similar bug when typing Japanese:

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