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CanIUse is incorrect about Opus support (make Colin happy)

 According to @unascribed, who knows a lot more about audio than I do -- starting with Safari 15 (macOS 12), there is support for Opus containers. As well, it only supporting CAF was incorrect info added to the Wikipedia page and was never true. It actually supports WebM containers -- so if you have a WebM that only contains audio, it will be properly treated as an audio file.

This should hopefully bump it above 80% support. It's unclear if iOS supports it yet, but seeing as the recent Mac versions do, it should soon have similar support to FLAC.

Therefore, we should be able to upload OGG files (which is the point of this feature request, sorry for the odd formatting.) Vorbis likers rejoice.

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VERY important correction: Ogg containers are *not* supported, but WebMs are. Along with allowing m4a uploads, webm uploads should be allowed too for audio.

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