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Reminder for adding alt text/caption to uploaded images

 Twitter has a neat feature where it will stop you from posting your tweet if it has an uncaptioned/un-alt-texted image and ask you "hey, are you sure you wanna post this without alt text?" As part of the much-needed alt-text overhaul, I would love an alt-text reminder for Cohost.

How it'd likely work:

- You upload your images

- You click upload, and the page checks if you have any images without alt text in the post

- If so, a popup appears that says something along the lines of "hey, are you sure you want to post this without adding alt text?" with two buttons; one is "add alt text" which returns you to the post editor so you can do so, and the other is "post anyways" which posts your post as-is, without alt text

If you have multiple images and not all of them have alt text, the popup could also read "hey, double-check you added alt text to ALL relevant images!" since I can see a lot of people doing alt text for one image, drafting it to finish later, and forgetting that they haven't alt texted the rest of the images when they return to the post.

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 This is such a good idea!

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