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notification filtering for: mutuals only, followers only

There are two similar requests for this already (which I've upvoted) but they seem slightly more complex than what I'd like, requiring making lists of followers ala livejournal's friend groups or google+'s circles. 

What I'd like is something similar to twitter's notification setting for 'followers only'-- ie, a way to filter notifications only from people that i'm either already mutuals with, or people who are following me. Sometimes I'd like to see all the notifications I get from my friends without seeing every like I get on something that gets reblogged a lot!

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I'm not sure about this one... it would be a handy filter, but it would also be by far the easiest way of seeing who's mutuals with you. The fact that showing mutuality is effectively opt-in on Cohost right now (and plausibly deniable) is really valuable, and I'm not sure this would be worth doing away with that.

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hmm good point. i wonder if a simple way to thread the needle is to make a 'following only' setting that only shows notifs from people the user follows?

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I think if everyone was voluntarily part of a "mutual circle", that may solve this without affecting the current "discrete mutuals" system (in that you can unfollow someone without any alarms sounding, per se).

By "mutual circle", I mean something like a club, an opt-in web-ring. But now that I think about it, that would be complicated and cumbersome to moderate, especially if you're only intending to get notifications from a few friends. My suggestion doesn't seem like what you're asking for. I don't know. It's something to put our heads together about.

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