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Audio embed bugs


  • Audio embeds show in OEmbed data as images.
  • Audio does not have a fallback thumbnail in notifications, instead linking to a broken image (which sources to the mp3 file)
  • On Firefox at least, the audio timebar does not properly reach the end before pausing.

2 people have this problem

Tooltip for paperclip still says "attach an image"

No indication of an audio embed in OEmbed if other text exists in the body of the post

Setting metadata for audio that is embedded alongside an image is impossible

Audio is also incorrectly embedded as an image in the RSS feeds

Hovering the mouse over the play bar when the clip is playing will create a tooltip message like 'Please select a valid value. The two nearest valid values are x and y'. (On firefox)

I also get the "Please select a valid value." bug on Firefox.

The decimal numbers only change based on how far along you are in the song. I'm pretty sure I got it to pause at a whole number just now and couldn't get the hover text to show.
I think the cursor position is using whole numbers to figure out where in the audio you're hovering over, and the playback is using the current location to get a decimal number for accuracy, and the two numbers are acting weird against each other?

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