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BBCode Support for posts

It'd be lovely if posting supported BBCode! That way, instead of uploading an image directly to the site, I could simply use it in my post via [img][/img], which I suppose would not only be easier on the servers but would also allow me to adjust the size of the image that I want to use! It'd also be lovely if there were no forced formatting (for example, forcing the image to show up under a block of text or something) so I could decorate my posts with as many images as my heart desires. If you guys in the team ever feel generous, a little bar with formatting options (bold, italic, underline, text alignment, quick IMG insertion shortcuts, etc) for quicker access would be even more spectacular! Added screenshots as an example + the formatting options bar from a certain forum as an example of what it could possibly look like (censored one of the buttons because it's a feature from that site in particular).
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I absolutely agree with that ! BBCode has always been a very useful feature when implemented and it would work incredibly well with Cohost.

The image embedding you want to do is already possible with markdown: the format is ![alt text](link to image). Almost everything I can think of that I'd want bbcode for is doable with markdown as well. One big thing I remember from my forum days that markdown doesn't cover is text colors, sadly we have to get in to the much less friendly CSS to do that. Cohost provides a markdown cheat sheet here:

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