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Numeric character entities are restricted to the base multilingual plane

Submitted this as a support ticket, was directed to submit here instead.

If I enter into cohost (extra spaces being inserted here just in case there's some translation going on in the forum software) a comment or post with:

  & # x 1 F 3 3 3 ;

Instead of the emoji for "Deciduous tree" (

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Oh dear! The forum software cut my message off at the first complicated character!

The rest of what I intended to say:

Instead of the emoji for "Deciduous tree" (tree emoji here) what I end up with is the character U+FFF3 (something from the unicode private use area).


The same thing happens if I enter the decimal equivalent:

   & # 1 2 7 7 9 5 ;

However, should I enter that text inside an HTML attribute (e.g. in the title attribute of an <img> tag), that seems to work and the rendered HTML includes the deciduous tree emoji.

Entering in two numeric character entities for the UTF-16 surrogate pair also fails to work, but entering the emoji directly does.

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