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Easier to Ignore Notifications/Advanced Notification Settings

 Getting rid of numbers has been nice, but I would love further incentives to help me click on the notifications tab less. I have multiple suggestions (let me know if it would be easier if I split these into separate threads).

1. Multi-Stage Filtering
The filters on kinds of notifications is nice, but I still kind of want to know that information, even if I am not actively notified by it. I would love it if either I could mark a notification type such that it doesn't add the dot to the notifications tab but it does show up in the list, or if I could have certain kinds of posts add a 'low-priority' notification dot instead

2. Batched Notifications
it would be real nice if I could set the notification settings (preferably on a per-type basis) to only update periodically (e.g. hourly, daily)

3. Different Notification Settings for Pages I Follow
I think this is most useful in conjunction with 1 or 2. I might want to see a friend's like more immediately than some person I do not know (they're probably nice but this isn't high-priority information)

4. A separate Setting for likes of shares vs original posts/replies
This also pairs nicest with above features. I care more whether a friend liked something I shared than if someone I don't know likes a post I did not make

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Oooo, all of these, please, but especially batched notifications! If we can enter a field for how often notifications update, then we could even do something like 999999999 minutes to effectively disable notifications altogether if that's what we want. Even being able to shorten updates to every 10 minutes may help with frantically checking notifications shortly after posting something.

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 big fan of getting a notification digest every day. or, hell. why not every week

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out of these, the configurable batch length seems like the simplest and the most useful! I'd want the notifications to also not update during that time even if you go to that page manually, to prevent repeated checking even when you don't see the dot.

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The top three here are a bit too granular for me but the 4th request is one I was going to make a thread about myself. While I like that there is notifications for posts that are functionally "quote RTs", I have no desire to see notifications from them, ever. Someone sharing and adding their own thing can be of value but being notified that someone commented, liked, or shared their post has zero value to me and I'd like to toggle that off if I can
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