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Tumblr-style Photosets

This is one of my social media platform feature white whales that no other platform really seems to have adopted since Tumblr did it.

For people unfamiliar with Tumblr photosets: when you upload multiple images (up to 10), you can choose to display these images in many ways offered to you, formatting your grid by drag-and-dropping your images.

For example if you post 6 images, they can look like this:


Pretty much any combination works, although there is a (sensible imo considering mobile navigation etc) limit of 3 images per row in any given grid.

I've been frustrated with cohost's image upload/image post system for a while where the best option for making good looking image posts is by using the external cohost image grid tool by nex3, which is nice but it feels like unnecessary friction that makes posting multiple images more tedious than it is on other existing platforms. Even for casual posts, it's annoying that you can't reorder images once they're uploaded.

I think cohost can be a really great place for visual artists, particularly comics artists and photographers who want to post multiple images at once, we just need the tools and freedom to actually... post. I've seen artists mention that they're holding off on posting their art on cohost until the image upload tool is better! Surely this is reason enough to look into making the UX a little more visual artist-friendly than where we're currently at!

 Some thoughts on actually implementing photosets on cohost:

- I really don't know how feasible it is to basically copy the drag-and-drop grid system from Tumblr wholesale... but it seems like a better idea to copy a wheel than re-invent it entirely.

- If drag-and-drop is too annoying/time-consuming to implement, maybe some kind of menu of different layouts you could select and then "fill" with image uploads could be OK too? Would be funny if this is actually something that'd be more annoying to implement.

- Tumblr traditionally has a 10 image limit for photosets. I don't mind if cohost ends up going for just 4 or just 6 for now or whatever... It's really more about the freedom of formatting these multiple images the way you want them to look.

- Would be cool if you could change the width of the gutter between images... right now there is no padding between images which is OK but sometimes jarring/ugly. This is kind of a sub-request so... optional.

The idea of Cohost Photosets isn't new, people have made posts expressing the desire for custom image grids (12) and easy image re-ordering (3, 4) in the past. All of them are from 8 months ago and someone even mentions how this should be a no-brainer... And I think so too!

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I want a feature like this so bad, I made an account here specifically to support this. It's really limiting my ability as an artist to use the platform (and the upload a post then delete it then embed the images work around is garbage and terrible for long term post stability)  It doesn't even have to be a super slick drag and drop interface if that is out of the league of the current developers. I'm perfectly fine with an interface with little buttons that move the order of the images. Even what Pillowfort offers is preferable to the current formatting because I can at least have SOME control over how the images are arranged.

Slight side note, Tumblr increased the amount to up to 30 like a year ago, and I would very much like for CoHost to do the same, seeing as Pillowfort also lets me upload 30 images at a time. And if space is a worry, I would absolutely be fine with 10 limit for free accounts and 30 limit per paid accounts. The current Plus feature of uploading a 10 MB file is absolutely worthless to me, I have no desire to upload print-quality images to the public so the current offers for Plus provide me nothing. Being able to upload 30, even 50 at a time, is so much more desirable.

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I am interested in posting my art, my gifsets and my edits onto Cohost, and this is the main thing giving me pause. It seems like such a pain to need to use an outside tool just to make a decent-looking image post, especially when a huge percentage of tumblr's population (because, let's face it, the vast majority of us are migrating from tumblr) are artists and editors.

Hell, tumblr is largely considered THE place for gifset editors, thanks basically to this feature single-handedly. (Do you see gifset editors on Instagram? Twitter?) It's an important part of the tumblr ecosystem that I desperately want to see carried over to Cohost.

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The biggest reason I don’t actively upload my art is bc I typically post in batches and it takes so much work to use an outside tool to format it into something readable. It’s my biggest pain point w using this site.

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ugh yes. adding my bump

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god this would be so sexy. definitely bumping for approval.

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Bumping this so I don't make a redundant request post, and because I've been making gifs. It would be cool to stack two images that are 540px wide by 300px high. Uploading currently places them side by side, unintentionally cropping them.

Yes I am sure I could upload them both and manually embed them into a 'text' post instead of 'image' post. But that's a lot of effort and currently I would have to keep the original post so the images don't get auto deleted due to being unattached to a post.

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As I already talked about in one of the linked threads it would be great to be able to customize the gutter whenever photosets are developed :•) If a gutter was introduced and made unadjustable it would mean a need for a new era of posting so the old posts that rely on the current layout don't break. But it would be even cooler if we still could make gutterless photosets if so desired

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I want this so badly. I spend, conservatively, an assload of time on any post with multiple images because this does not exist, and I basically never use the image uploader as-is unless I'm posting one image or I don't mind whatever I'm posting being tiny. But without fail, every time I do I try to do the tumblr thing and drag them around.

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photosets are definitely one of the best features of tumblr, and it's why the site is still such a haven for people who make gifs, moodboards, and other graphics.

the gutter changing idea is also very cool. i like the gutterless look for posts like these—so being able to customize padding would be ideal, and a feature i've never seen before on image sharing platforms.

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Love, Love LOVE this idea, especially for fellow artists of all visual media forms

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 big time agree, this would be a huge boost to visual artists on cohost as well as normal users who just like more control in visual representation of their posts.

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