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Redesign of the draft post's publish button

Currently, the publish button on a draft is, for some reason, in-between the edit and delete buttons. This makes it really quite easy to click the publish button when you mean to click the edit button or delete button (I know from experience!), especially problematic because it's a one-click action with no confirmation prompt or anything. Especially since it takes the place of where the delete button would normally.

It also doesn't help that the publish button's use doesn't jump out at you; it doesn't appear anywhere else on the site and I think most users just expect there to be a normal, red "post now" like there is for making a post from the Post button in the top-right. I do think I was confused about this when looking at the drafts page for the first time.

I think the most pressing issue is that the publish button really needs a confirmation prompt. But I also believe it should just be removed entirely and replaced with a "Post"/"Post now" (/"Publish"/"Submit") button as seen when writing up a normal post, as that's what all users would already be familiar with. I don't see any good reason to have two completely different buttons that do essentially the same thing. Attached is an image of what this change might look like.

(24.2 KB)

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