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Let OP see which tags their post has been tag-shared with, with an option to add them to the original post

Right now we can add tags on shares and now it shows up on otherwise blank shares

this doesn't show up distinct from any other blank share in the notification feed.

maybe it would be cool to allow folks to see the tags their post was shared with, and even cooler if that ui element also allowed them to quick-add them to the post, if that's possible. 

otherwise, it could be cool to have a UI element next to the post showing "users tagged this post with" either visible only to OP, or publicly visible maybe??

so it could serve as a form of tag suggestion for untagged posts and give folks more incentive to put tags on things themselves.

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Came here to request this, and I'm glad to see it's already here! Reposting here what I said when I was noodling about it on Cohost:

I overall like the elimination of numbers on posts, but stuff like this that offers more ways to provide and see direct interaction might help both encourage that interaction and give creators more feedback. On Tumblr, I would typically use reblog comments and unique tag comments as the most reliable indication of how a post was received, because it meant people were talking about it, either to themselves or to their followers. When I ran the official Tumblr for a game community, views and even reblogs did not give nearly as much information on player sentiment as 100+ people adding something like "#LITERALLY FROTHING AT THE MOUTH RN BARK BARK AWOOOOOOOOO" in the tags.

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Agreed. I would appreciate a private feature where I can see suggested tags. Just an anonymous "feedback bin" with no pressure on either OP or the one suggesting it.

Tagging in shares is also how some people prefer to "comment". I think it's harmless (and more discrete than directly commenting), so this form of the feature would be fantastic.

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