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Whitelist MathML Tags for Chosts

There is recurring interest in getting Math to display on Cohost. Last time I asked, which was close to a year ago, word from @staff was that MathML might be feasible after it was added to Chrome and working. Apparently that happened! In like January!

So, what will it take for <math> and MathML Core (the subset actually implemented by Chrome) to work.

Attached screenshots:

* Entering the example <math> content for the quadratic equation into composer window

* current behavior: tags stripped, buncha numbers just kinda hanging out

* desired behavior: something what looks like an equation. 

Desired behavior achieved by using Dev Tools to copy-paste sample <math> code into page HTML. Browser is Vivaldi (Chromium-based). I'm aware that, uh, it doesn't look great. Hopefully there's some CSS that can fix it, maybe something about block elements.

Example Math code, copy-pasted from W3 website on MathML Core, reproduced below for convenience.


<math> <mn>0</mn> <mo>+</mo> <mfrac displaystyle="true"> <mn>1</mn> <mn>2</mn> </mfrac> <mo></mo> <mfrac> <mn>1</mn> <mn>2</mn> </mfrac> <mo>+</mo> <mfrac linethickness="200%"> <mn>1</mn> <mn>234</mn> </mfrac> <mo></mo> <mrow> <mo>(</mo> <mfrac linethickness="0"> <mn>123</mn> <mn>4</mn> </mfrac> <mo>)</mo> </mrow> </math>


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