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sorting comments

i'd like the option to change how comments are sorted, both as a default in the settings menu and per post just under the post body but before the actual comments. the two most important options are newest first and oldest first, but perhaps one could also sort by most/least replies, defaulting to newest or oldest for comments with the same number of replies. that's the only other option that would mean anything, as you can't like comments (which is not a problem for me, i prefer it that way). the one problem i can see arising from this would be that if there are specific posts one would like to sort the comments differently on, one would have to change it every time. however, in order to remember a post preference, you'd need to store that data somewhere - and because one could have a theoretically infinite number of post preferences, many many more than accounts, it may not be worth the server space to allow these.

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I think this is maybe a good idea! Sorting by date definitely seems like a necessary feature at-least

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