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Tags duplicating individual words

When typing tags in that include spaces, it will duplicate the current word after pressing space. I'm not a tech person but if I had to guess, it's reading the 'space' as a selection of the first suggested result and adds it to the tag along with what you already wrote. I am using up-to-date firefox on android 13, can provide more info if needed. It seems like this started at most 3 hours ago, because I could type tags normally before then.

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images are in the wrong order sorry ^^;

Yup, happening for me too on Android Firefox. It also happens when I press Enter to finish inputting a tag, so the tag immediately becomes the same word twice in a row. I'm also seeing the old bug where when i try to delete text in the tag input on Android Firefox, bits of text duplicate instead of getting deleted. I hadn't encountered that bug for several months but it seems to be back :/

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I have this issue as well, using Fennec F-Droid version 115.2.1. The keyboard seems to weirdly lag and reset while typing in tags, too. Same procedure as xenofem describes. (also, why is this marked as "Solved"?)

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I don't know why it was marked as solved as it's still happening.

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Yep absolutely still an issue here on mobile browsers. Mobile Firefox (current version as of August 13 I don't know where you find that info I'm bad at computer), the save to home screen bookmark almost app thing, and mobile chrome too. Tags duplicate a word when I try to press space, the cursor jumps around and overwrites text too. Same with content warning tags too.

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Just confirmed a suspicion of mine: This bug is tied to the keyboard/input method used, and most likely caused by input suggestions in the keyboard app. When using Gboard (13.2.04) the input suggestions visibly reset every time a new letter is entered. Finishing a word with a space or submitting with a comma then results in duplication. Testing with Simple Keyboard (v. 5.4.7.) (from simplemobiletools . com), this bug doesn't happen. That one doesn't have autocomplete / input suggestions. With the AOSP keyboard (dunno where to find version info there) the bug only happens if input suggestions are enabled. All this tested on with Fennec F-Droid 116.2.0 (should be equivalent to Firefox with the same version number?). So for anyone searching for a workaround: Try using a keyboard that has autocorrect/term suggestions disabled.
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