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Custom Twitch style emotes for subscribing to users

Hopefully this specifically doesn't exist already, I can also see this becoming difficult to enforce though.

I think that some user created emotes being uploaded to the site (similar to Twitch emotes) could be a cool reward for subscribing to one of your favourite users on the platform. I think that it would encourage subscriptions to artists/content creators and therefore also encourage them to keep making emotes. Having options to get more slots for reaching subscription goals would be cool too.

I believe there were already plans to create subscriptions to individual users so adding this on could create extra incentive to subscribe. 

The userbase of the site also already enjoys commenting and talking under posts as one of the main ways of engagement and emotes would add to this.

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 I dig this and I think this kind of thing on both Discord and Twitch have been net positives. I know there are folks who get commissioned to make emotes for popular creators, too, so there's an opportunity for people to find different niches.

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