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Rich Text Editor and Silenced Tags

 I'd love to have the option to switch the editor to rich text (like on this forum) so I can use symbols (*, /, #, etc) without changing the message appearence. It helps to convey tone in writing I find hard to recreate even with stuff like emoji.

The more pressing feature I'd love to see would be silenced tags in addition to silenced content labels. I've seen a post or two that were tagged with a silenced community label, but because it was in the tags and not as a label, I saw content I disliked. Muffling the tag still means I see that someone posts something I don't want to see. It's just a quality of life thing for me, but for people with trauma triggers who look through fandom tags for example, it's currently not the best system.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to your users :)

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