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Note on Asks w/ Multiple Pages

I've noticed the "switch page" option on the post composer is present while responding to an ask.

today I got an ask on one page that I would've preferred to answer on the other, main/AD and all, so it got me thinking to try it. (both pages have asks enabled)

I sent my AD an ask,  wrote out an answer, and switched which page I'd post from before sending. When I hit the send button (or use ctrl+enter), the UI locks up, a bunch of options grey out, but it doesn't send.

Which seems like... the kind of consequence I'd expect, but I don't think I'd call it "expected behavior" because it causes the post composer UI to stop working.

I'm not sure what the "intended behavior" here should be.

Should the post composer/asks system allow for this use case, where  if someone asks a question to one of my pages that I think is better sent to another (ie, if someone sends a spicy ask to main that i'd rather ask on AD, or today it was actually the inverse), it allows me to change that at the point of answering, 


should the post composer disallow account swithcing while replying to an ask?

I can see arguments either way, I would cast my vote for the former but I would also understand chooosing the latter.

This is just a weird behavior I wanted to report.

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