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Entering several tags in a row mucks up now

In the last week I have started seeing something strange when I enter tags.

Repro steps: Start a new post. I put the cursor in the "add tags" box. I type:


My expected behavior is this should create four tags, "This", "Is", "A" and "Sentence". Observed behavior:

1. When I hit This<tab>, it creates the tab "This", then autofills "This" as the next thing I am entering.

2. When I hit "I", it clears the text I am entering, BUT pulls up an autocomplete box offering to autocomplete to "ThisI".

3. When I hit "s", it clears the autocomplete box and starts entering a new tab named "s". The "I" input has been simply eaten.

If instead of Step 3 I hit "tab", it autocompletes to "ThisI", which is not what I want.

If instead of Step 3 I hit "delete", rather than clearing the nonsense "ThisI", it deletes BOTH the duplicate "This" AND the original "This", even further from what I want.

If instead of step *2* I hit "delete", it clears the duplicate "This" and allows me to enter a new tab, but I'm never going to remember to do that because that is strange.

I am testing in Chrome on Windows 10 but I think I also saw it on mac.

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