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User-customizable html & css layout support for home & profile pages

This is a bit of an ambitious topic that's been brought up before a couple of times and would undoubtedly take quite a lot of effort & resources to implement, let alone considering right now, as it's difficult to factor in which works with what with the many browsers out there that have varied levels of compatibility with html & css stuff... But it'd be cool if users could have myspace levels of user-customizable layout support for the desktop & mobile versions of Cohost, where the code of every html element & css property presented in their page can be tinkered with. & maybe even implement some sort of community hub page where users could submit their own customized layout of the home page that others can use - with some safety measures to prevent abuse in certain cases. Its possible to have something where layouts get put under review for approval before going public. Wouldn't want any epilepsy-inducing backgrounds!

As someone that's pretty new to Cohost, the fact that it allows users to take advantage of inline css editing has quickly sold me into not only supporting the platform, but has also exuberated my enthusiasm for learning coding html & css through all the helpful extensive resources provided by people in the platform. Seriously, thank you guys for this. I certainly struck gold here.

I wasn't old enough/ privileged to own a computer to experience the lovely world of MySpace back then, so the very idea of a platform encouraging you to fully take advantage of learning an entire programming language to fully customize every element of your own page/ profile is fucking insane to me.. like... that was an actual feature everyone had... It surely wasn't the only good feature it had, but fact that this was something ANY user can just do, rather than succumb to web design homogeneity where all you can do is change your username, pfp, bio & header really excites me as an artist. I would've loved to have that power of creativity & versatile skill, and it would've benefitted me long term with knowledge of web design. 

it sucks that social media started becoming more centralized overtime towards platforms owned by soulless greedy billionaires that're more basic/streamlined & homogenous, taking away every feature possible from people in favor of inconveniencing the user in order to nickel & dime them into a subscription model to access the bare minimum of features like TWO-FACTOR-AUTHENTICATON... But it doesn't have to be this way anymore. & for what it's worth, we're at an era where there's a ton of more resources online available for anyone to learn every language under the fucking sun that people can take advantage of... Which is why this site has the golden opportunity to do the big funny & make an example of what the modern world of full user-customizable html & css support can actually offer for nsfw artists like me.

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