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Cochosts can't be discovered via tags anymore.

For clarification purposes I would like to specify that I use the term "cochost" to refer to shares with added content — "added content" referring to text or images (but not tags). (A normal share is just called a cohost. Cohosts *can* have added tags, but they *cannot* have added content, as that would make it a cochost.) I use a personal bookmark tag (#Gannon's Bookmarks) for when I find a chost that I want to come back to later. The way I've been using it thus far is by cochosting the chost I want to bookmark and adding my bookmark tag to my cochost. It seems though that when the "@user shared with:" feature was added, that changed something about the way that Cohost handles cochosts; Cohost now treats cochosts (shares *with* added content) as if they were cohosts (shares *without* added content). This means that cochosts no longer appear when browsing a tag — unless (curiously enough) you're browsing a tag on someone's profile. Like, if I go to this page on my profile:'s%20Bookmarks ...then all of my bookmarks appear properly — including cochosts. However, if I instead browse "all" chosts tagged "#Gannon's Bookmarks" (i.e. if I go to this page):'s%20Bookmarks ...then the only chost I see is my own shitchost from a month ago. Which is pretty frustrating, since that forces me to use a direct link every time I want to view my bookmarks! I'm no longer able to just click the "#Gannon's Bookmarks" tag under the Bookmarked Tags list. This also makes me wonder if cochosts are unable to be viewed from the Bookmarked Tags home feed anymore, which would be an even bigger issue if that was the case. I haven't tested that yet, though. Anyway, I hope this issue is fixed soon. Thank you staff for running this site; it's one of my faves. *blows kiss*

Update: it seems this issue only exists when browsing a specific tag. It does not appear to affect the bookmarked tags home feed. (The following attachment was taken from my bookmarked tags feed.)

It has worked this way for a while. Notice that the two URLs you link are not the same. One is showing ALL posts tagged "Gannons Bookmarks" and the other is showing ONLY posts tagged "Gannons Bookmarks" and made by user GannonNotFromZelda. The "all posts" feed ignores reblog-with-comment and the "user only" feed includes it.

If you have identified something that changed with the recent changes, it must have been that some link somewhere switched from linking the user-only search to linking the all-users search.

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