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Tag search for specific user

 I got looking into this when I realised that clicking on a tag from a shared post takes you a potentially empty tag search, which, whatever, beyond the scope of this.

Shared posts with tags, whether they have content or not, don't show up in the site search, which makes sense. They only seem to be used when looking at that tag for a specific user, through, say, clicking on someone's pinned tag. However (as far as I can tell), there's no built-in way to look for an arbitrary tag for a user, leaving any shared post tags that aren't pinned tags effectively useless for discoverability. You can do it manually by changing the url (i.e.[user]/tagged/[arbitrary tag]).

A search box in a user's profile would be one way of dealing with that, but another possibility would be combining it in some way with whatever is planned for this feature request, by having some kind of user filter on the search.

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