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"my comments" list

as the list of liked posts, but for tracking comments a page has left on other posts. 

i want to be able to find comments i've left on other posts (that, for whatever reason, didn't warrant a share). 

ideally this list would show the actual comments, and link to them, but it would also be acceptable if it were functionally a "list of posts i've commented on" and only displayed the original post.

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if this is implemented, it would also be nice to have the option to get notifications when others comment on posts you've commented on. both together allow for 'threads' of discussion & help people find others who are interested in similar things.

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I've actually wanted this feature for a while! Re-locating posts you've seen before can be hard on cohost and I think this would be a good way to help alleviate some of those instances, especially if you were allowed to search them.

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Hadn't thought about this but holy cow this would be useful. Like, what if you had a nice conversation with somebody and wanted to look back on it? Unless you bookmarked the specific post, it gets lost in the ether.

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I like  to reference my previously-written words when I'm sharing information or point to them for additional context. 

It would be very helpful if I could view my own comment history.

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I'd love to see this as well- There have been times where I remember a comment discussion I had, or a post I remember that I want to check the other comments for, but no quick way to find them because I didn't bookmark them and I've shared too many other things on my page.

I wouldn't want other people to be able to view my comment history, I just want to be able to view my own.

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a nice and helpful addition, please implement this (just don't make comments visible to anyone visiting my profile by default, please XD)

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Yes! Being able to view your own comment history would be amazing.

I think this is my #1 feature request at this point. Why is it literally impossible to find a post I commented on? I want to see what other people are saying!

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